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The Captain that lets you "BE YOUR OWN MATE"


When you arrive you will find the boats to be in excellent condition. 

About the mate! "I DON'T HAVE A FULL TIME MATE" The decision whether to be bring a mate will be up to you.  If you decide NOT to take a mate, I want your charter to become a sportfishing team with everyone envolved in every aspect of the trip (No you don't have to clean the boat at the end of the day). This is not a trip that you will sit and wait for your turn on the rod. It is a trip that the Captain will allow you to participate in all of the activities necessary to catch and boat a fish.
If you would like to have a mate to help assist you at any level you desire in the catching and landing of the fish, let me know well in advance so I can make arrangements for one. There is no additional charge to have a mate join us.


The day before your trip I would recommend that you do the following check.

Enough food and drinks for a full day. (Avoid all glass containers) You are welcome to bring your favored brew. Limit 2 coolers on the boat.

Cameras, film, sunscreen or sunblock, a jacket, sunglasses, hat, and motion sickness remedy.

TENNIS OR DECK SHOES. (No bare feet)

THE TRIP WILL BE TERMINATED WITH NO REFUNDS if any of the following items are brought aboard. (ILLEGAL DRUGS or FIREARMS)

THE TRIP WILL BE TERNINATED WITH NO REFUNDS if the Captain's judgement determines intoxication of a member of the party to be of concern. The Captain ask the members of the party not to become intoxicated to a point where he has concerns about the safety of the people on board.


Every charter has a different idea about what to expect from their sportfishing adventure. You should express any concerns you may have about the trip. I recommend you take the time and work with me to achieve a understanding of what your hopes and level of participation are before we start our trip. Lack of understanding between the charter and captain can create a disappointing day. If during the trip you would like to try a different level of participation please let the captain know. I am willing to work with the beginner to the experienced angler. It is not "MY DESIRE" to be the top charter boat on the pier with the most fish caught (although it would be nice), it is "MY DESIRE" to let you participate regardless of how many fish YOU catch or loose.  A discussion with the captain will help him prepare in advance for that type of sportfishing. Too sum it all up I am setting this day aside for you and I want it to be a memorable sportfishing experience.

Thank You, Good Fishing! Captain Bill Kneessi


CELL 410-310-9659